Adidas Men’s Adisonic M Running Shoes

Everyone looking to start running has one question on their mind – Which are the best shoes to buy?

It is definitely not easy to decide, so consider yourself having come to the right place for seeking the clearest possible answer to every runner’s favorite question.

A comfortable running shoe is a shoe that fits, but finding one is not always easy.

Before you start your training regime, you need the right pair of shoes to help you succeed.

As a beginner you would want a protective and durable shoe. Something in the middle range, between super-light minimalism to big heavy shoes.

Adidas Men’s Adisonic M strikes a good balance between cushioning and stiffness for a supportive shoe design.


  • Looks great
  • Light weight: They are very light on your feet and great for running.
  • Value for Money: It’s hard to get a better shoe in this price range.
  • Comfortable: The air vents help your feet to stay drier and cooler.


  • Would need to use shoe bags to prevent any stains or mildew.
  • A polish or a shiner can’t be used, instead dusting any dry dirt from the surface should be done using a clean cloth.
  • You will have to allow your pair of shoes to air and de-odorize at a regular basis, this also helps them retain their natural shape

As you would need room to move and expand a bit as you run, you wouldn’t like it to be in a shoe that has too much overlay detail (e.g. some models of Nike and even the Puma Glide ). Just mesh allows for more air flow over the top of the shoe and more freedom for the feet to move around.

The cushioning system in the rear and forefront absorbs impact shocks while running. The large inner volume of the forefront allows the foot to easily expand on impact with the ground, allowing natural impact energy absorption as the foot spreads out.

Adidas Men’s Adisonic M is of the cheapest long distance running shoes on the market, balancing light weight and glove like fit with rugged performance on the road surfaces. Buy it now on Amazon using the link below:


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